Sunday, February 19, 2012

This is an experimental first BLOG POST

Hey Folks,

I've been trying to figure out a good communication system for our FARMERS NETWORK and thought I would just start trying to use a few tools out there and see what folks thought about them.

This is all brand new to me but thought it might be helpful if we set up a location to communicate valuable information. This first trial is a BLOG format. The advantages of this one are that it gives us a website for free that we can post things to like calendar announcements, etc. It allows you to subscribe, so anyone that wants to join can add themselves. Though I'll have to make the initial posts (like an event, info on ordering, etc.) all of you can then submit comments, and all those comments will get e-mailed back out to the whole list as well (I think anyway - we should try that out). The final thing I'm experimenting with that I really like so far is the Google calendars feature. It allows us to post calendar events, update them, and even put in Google map directions to the location of an event. This really seems to have the potential for us keeping up with each others activities, and just learning opportunities. If you have any suggestions or expertise on any of this let me know as I'm starting from scratch.

So here's the first Calendar items. Below are dates, times, details, and even links to Maps for our TOUR to WOODLAND GARDENS coming up a week from tomorrow on Monday February 27, 4pm. Just click on that event and you'll see info and a way to get to the map.

I'll still do the e-mail announcements until we decide if this system works but you can reference this wherever you have internet connection. It's just (that stands for Georgia Mountains Farmers Network).


Justin Ellis
Soque Lover Gardens!
706-499-2261 (cell)

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  1. Justin
    We like the GFMN blog and think it has a lot of potential as an organization. Thanks for starting it and encouraging all the growers to join in.
    We are working on our seven springs order and will have it to you this week. We are excited about going to Woodland Gardens on the 27th.
    Thanks again,
    Suzanne and Buddy