Friday, March 16, 2012

Georgia Mountains Farm Tour

Georgia Mountains Farm Tour
Here’s the very beginnings of ideas for a GA Mtn Farm Tour. If you're interested in where this idea came from check out this link. They've been doing these awhile.
To be determined but June 23rd or June 30th would be good.
NC does both Saturday and Sunday. That format has appeal.
Times of the tour are proposed as 1-5 PM
Tour would include 10 or 20 farms from throughout our region. Farmers would receive visitors of the tour, give brief tours, and are encouraged to sell their products to visitors, and talk about other local markets. Visitors pick which farms they want to visit using a guided brochure and arrive at different times between 1-5pm. Each farm would need a few volunteers to direct people to parking, etc.
The tour is open to all with an interest in local foods, so a combination of customers (majority) and farmers and gardeners (wanting to learn about different practices).
We would charge for the tours with a portion going to the Farmers Network and a portion to SRWA (for organizing time)
There’s several options:
· Charge $25 per car (same as Carolina group) or $25 per individual (too high). The carpool approach encourages people to bunch up which is good for building local food scene community.
· Or charge $30 or $35 and give each carload a $5 or $10 certificate to Locally Grown or Simply Homegrown (good way to promote these markets)
How you know they paid
When they drive up they should be asked to flash their BRAND NEW bumper sticker that we’d have made especially for this event. Make this the launch of a new bumper sticker (more effective than button like in Carolina’s) that can help promote long after the event – could also be a magnet. Would advertise Local Food in the Georgia Mountains.
How Many?
· Just guessing - Expect a minimum of 50 cars to participate, maximum of 100 (but who knows)
· Each farm might expect a minimum of 20 cars, maximum of 60
How Much?
Income from tickets would be:
· $1,250 (for just 50 tickets sold at $25)
· $2,500 (for 100 tickets @ $25)
If we charged more and gave a certificate that would be pass through money that we’d hand to Simply Homegrown and NE GA Locally Grown.
We should try and get at least 2-5 sponsors at $100 each. Any ideas?
Who is hosting this event:
· Georgia Mountains Farmers Network
· NE Georgia Locally Grown
· Soque River Watershed Association
You could have one to three lunch hosts where people could stop before or during the tour and have a special meal prepared with almost all local ingredients from local farms.
· Lake Rabun Hotel,
· someplace in Clayton,
· Copper Pot Restaurant.
That’s all we can think of for now
White County
Sharon Mauney
Glen Cook
Habersham County
Ronnie Mathis
Linda Lovell
Steve Whiteman
Ed Taylor
Green Way Garden
Rabun County
Sid Blalock
Chuck Mashburn
LadyBug Farms
David Taylor
Old School Garden
Stephens County
Taylor Creek Farms
If I left you off, forgive me, and let us know you’d like to participate. The more the merrier.
Soque Lover Gardens
706-499-2261 (cell)
Organizer for
Georgia Mountain Farmers Network

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