Friday, March 16, 2012

Possible Activities for a Growers Network

Hey Growers,
Here's our brainstormed list of possible activities for a GA MTN Growers Network from our very first meeting at Sid's back on January 25. We did the sticky dot voting so take a look at how the priorities shook out. We'll do this again in several months to make sure more votes get counted, activities are refined, and our priorities might also change now and then. All and all a pretty good list of ideas.
Possible Activities for a Growers Network
or what would you like a Growers Network to accomplish?
The following ideas were offered by local growers.
· Cooperative Marketing efforts (8 VOTES)
o Example- Develop systems for bulk deliveries to ATL area, restaurants, etc.
· Coordinating Bulk Orders (7 VOTES)
o To increase availability and reduce shipping on amendments, supplies, seeds, potatoes, onions)
· Share up-to-date Contact Lists (6 VOTES)
o That includes other farmers, but also restaurants who buy local, local suppliers, technical experts, etc.
· Host Farm Tours (5 VOTES)
o Specifically for GROWERS (focused on sharing information)
· Acquisition and Sharing of Equipment (5 VOTES)
o Such as compost tea sprayers, bed shapers, others?
· Obtaining or Producing Organic Feed (5 VOTES)
o It is difficult and costly to obtain organic feed easily.
· Organization of Crop Mobs (4 VOTES)
o Labor assistance. Bringing volunteers to your farm to have them work on a project or weed for an afternoon.
· Create Forums for more frequent Farmer Communication (3 VOTES)
o Possibly launch a Yahoo Group or website so that we can post information for each other to see.
· Developing Marketing as a Group (2 VOTES)
o Co-branding regional products like a logo, identity
· Organizing specific and technical workshops (1 VOTE)
o Bringing in experts from other areas
o Increase customer base / awareness

We’ll try and add to this list at the meeting (and future meetings) and then pick things we think are most important or that we’d like to work on now! Think about what you would like to add.

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