Wednesday, September 26, 2012


Hey Local Growers,


For the last several years we've set up a booth at the TASTE OF CLARKESVILLE event to promote the Northeast Georgia Locally Grown farmers market. Since the audience consists of food lovers, we've had a lot of success connecting with new customers and even some growers (this is where we met Melon Head Farms for the first time).


Since the SRWA office is right behind our booth we've been able to bring a computer down so that folks can see exactly how the system works right there live, and even open an account and place an order if they like. This year we thought it'd be fun for folks to actually meet some of the growers that sell to the market, and perhaps see just a few of the items we sell.


If you'd like to join us for anywhere from 30 minutes to a couple of hours, we'd love any growers with Locally Grown (or even if you don't sell to Locally Grown) to come and hang out and meet local food lovers with us. The event is from 11am - 3pm. If you'd lik to sell a few items, go right ahead. We'll be talking up our local food scene, handing out cards and other promotional materials, and getting names and e-mails.


The event is free and quite fun. Beer, wine and food tastings are available with purchases of one dollar tickets. Here's the flier.



We'll also boast a new banner with the NE GA Locally Grown logo that we'll be able to use for future events and promotions. It'll look like this.



If you'd like to attend, even if just for a quick visit, let us know by sending an e-mail. It'd be fun to see a small gathering of us there. I think it'd make an impression on the community.




Justin Ellis

Soque Lover Gardens

706-499-2261 (cell)


Organizer for

Georgia Mountains Farmers Network

(supported by Certified Naturally Grown)



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