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GMFN - ga mtns farmers network - ONION TRANSPLANTS update - 10.11.12

Hey GA Mountain Farmers,

Buddy Belflower just forwarded me this great opportunity for us to consider a group order of organic onion transplants. He has grown them before and said "They were simply the best onions we have ever grown." This might be a great opportunity for us to divy some up assuming that some of us don't quite have room for 1,000. We're not totally sure if there's a minimum order but IF YOU ARE INTERESTED in sharing in a bulk order please e-mail the list that you are interested by writing

VARIETY (such as Red (Mata Hari))
# you would like

Here's the letter from Walker Farms and see other attachments.

Walker Farms

We’re happy to be offering organic onion transplants to our farmer friends again this year. We have planted the first round of seedlings, which should be available for shipment shortly after Thanksgiving, and we will be planting intermediate-day and some more short-day onions this month, with the intent to provide transplants starting mid to late January.

Now is the time to put in your order. We’re providing in this packet a Selection Guide that make the process as clear and simple as possible. The Selection Guide includes a discussion of short-day and intermediate-day onions and particulars about the varieties we offer. A map shows the recommended type by region, with a significant area of overlap, where short-day or intermediate-day onions can be grown. Remember that the earlier onions are planted, the larger the bulbs they can produce before they have to be harvested.

We expect to ship short-day onion seedlings between December 3 and December 20, as early as possible subject to plant viability, weather, and your readiness to plant.  This is the recommended time for planting short-day onions in south Georgia, and some farmers from further up the state find it works well for them, too. Growers should indicate in the comments section of the order form any particular schedule problems or conflicts. We will attempt to accommodate special requests, but otherwise orders will be scheduled on a first-come, first-served basis.

For those growers who prefer to plant their short-day onions later than the traditional dates, we’ll offer a limited number of plants during our second phase of shipping, between mid January and mid February.

For growers further north, and throughout the mid-Atlantic states, we recommend intermediate-day or neutral-day onions, which can be planted from late January through early March, depending on local conditions.  We offer several varieties of intermediate-day onions, including Candy,  Sierra Blanca, and Stockton Red. Intermediate-day onions will begin shipping mid January, as soon as plants are transplant size, and continue through early March, as long as the plants are viable.

The price for December-shipped seedlings is $65/thousand including shipping cost.
The price for seedlings shipped after December is $75/thousand including shipping cost.
(The higher price for winter-shipped plants is due to added expense for freeze protection and greater attrition rates for late-planted seedlings.)

How to order
To order seedlings, please complete the attached order form and email it back to us. When we receive and review your order, we’ll assign estimated harvest and shipment dates, then send you a confirmation and payment request. As usual, we’ll consult with you about the exact timing when seedlings are reaching a good transplant size. Immediately after harvest, plants will be shipped by UPS ground, arriving at your farm within one or two days.

As always, we appreciate the opportunity to provide you with certified organic transplants.

Justin Ellis
Soque Lover Gardens
706-499-2261 (cell)
Organizer for
Georgia Mountains Farmers Network