Thursday, January 17, 2013

Georgia Mountains Farmers Network Updates- January 17th

Georgia Mountains Farmers Network Updates

January 17th, 2013



1) Farm-to-School Initiative Community Meeting Jan 29th.

2) Next FARM TOUR / POTLUCK - February 5(tues) or 7(thurs) or 19 or 21

3) Seven Springs Order - postponed to February? (only 4 orders received)

4) Greenhouse for sale



Hey Local Growers,

I'm gonna try and really pick up my communications for the remainder of the winter, and schedule a lot more Farm TOURS and get-togethers as long as you guys are game. Here's a couple of updates of things coming up. If you have other things I should forward to everyone please let me know and I'll try and share as much info as possible.



1) Farm-to-School Initiative Community Meeting Jan 29th

About a month ago I got word that Habersham County would be a pilot program for FARM TO SCHOOL. I sure hope some of you think it would be cool to sell to local schools occassionally because it looks like it's gonna happen! Here's a nice little description and invitation to a MEETING to get INPUT and exchange ideas. Hope everyone can come.


This year, lettuce grown on a farm in Northeast Georgia will make its way to the public school cafeterias in Habersham County. Likewise, crops such as strawberries, sweet potatoes, apples — even broccoli and blueberries — will be served to students of Habersham County schools. The lunch entrees are all part of farm-to-school programs. The Farm to School movement connects schools and local farms in an effort to serve healthy meals in school cafeterias, improve student nutrition, and increase farm and gardening educational opportunities.

In December, the Habersham County school district was selected to serve as a farm-to-school pilot program for Northeast Georgia and will receive support and resources from Northeast Georgia Food Bank and Georgia Organics. The grant will fund a broad range of activities including school gardens, taste test of local produce, training workshops for cafeteria staff and teachers and working with local farmers on solutions to some of local agriculture's biggest challenges - distribution and seasonality.

It takes a community to make Farm To School an integrated part of a school’s cafeteria and curriculum.  “We need inspired potential supporters to help us make this program a success,” says Paige Holland.  “We are reaching out to the community for their support and expertise.”  Community Meeting Tuesday January 29th, 7 p.m. at Hilliard A. Wilbanks Middle School welcomes farmers, teachers, chefs, students, parents, home gardeners, local business and others interested in learning more about Habersham’s farm to school program.


2) Next FARM TOUR / POTLUCK - February 5 or 7(thurs) or 19 or 21

We should definitely have another FARM TOUR / POTLUCK get-together soon and thought we'd throw out 4 dates for it. Now the trick is to find someone who would host it. If you would like to host the next farm tour please give me a call 706-499-2261 to discuss details. Getting to see each other socially and exchange information has been the best part of the network so far so we want to keep doing that as regular as we can.


Here's some of the many things we could/should discuss after the tour and dinner: 2013 GA MTNS FARM TOUR, Expansion of Locally Grown to Gainesville, Co-op effort? (equipment, marketing, etc.?), open to other ideas.


Let us know if you'd like to host the next one and we'll get it scheduled, or if you'd prefer one down the road go ahead and let us know and we'll make a calendar for the year.



3) Seven Springs Order - postponed to February? (only 4 orders received)

We'll discuss this at our next FARM get-together, but we postponed our 7 Springs order due to lack of orders. We only had 4 orders, and considering the cost to ship a pallet is $142 dollars, the shipping costs were too high. Maybe we were a little early in ordering, I know a few of you said you hadn't thought about it yet. If it's something we still want to do, we'll try again in February. Sorry to those who were wanting to do it early. We tried.


4) Greenhouse for sale

It's all Okra is selling their greenhouse including plants, heaters, extra plastic. The price is around $1,250 for everything (OBO). If anyone has any interest contact Carole at


Justin Ellis

Executive Director

Soque River Watershed Association









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