Monday, June 30, 2014

2014 FARM TOUR - Survey, Video and Photos

THANKS to all those who attended the 2014 FARM TOUR! It was a terrific weekend despite a little bit of rain.

Here's 3 ways we'd  love you to extend your experience!


Andrew Linker has made another incredible video to memorialize the experience of the tour. We know you will enjoy it and you might even see yourself. Please forward this to everyone who attended the tour with you (as we only have e-mails for those who purchased the brochure), or forward to other friends who might enjoy the tour next year as this will likely inspire them.


Your feedback is very important and useful to us. Please take just a moment (about 1 min) to tell us what you thought of the tour and how we can improve it. Past year's suggestions have helped us tweek the event to what it is today!


This is the first year that we're asking all FARM TOUR attendees to submit their favorite photos from the tour. We hope to make this event more and more interactive each year, and capturing the unique perspectives of each attendee is a great way for you to share your experience. You can either post or share directly to our farmer network FACEBOOK page (link above) or send photos via e-mail to and we'll post them for you. Include a caption or comment if you like. We love getting your insights on what was beautiful to you!

If you're a FACEBOOK USER you can also watch the VIDEO of the TOUR there as well (same one as above but easier to share). If you get a chance click LIKE on our FB page. And Submit your photos there too!

Thanks again,

the Georgia Mountains Farmers Network