Thursday, October 27, 2016

Georgia Mountains Farmers Network

Hi Friends,

Last meetings and member farm tours are posted
A huge thanks to Bramberi Farm for hosting our last get-together. If you joined us, or if you missed it, be sure to check out the mentioned resources and topics here. The last few meetings are posted to our website with audio and minute markers for topics discussed at The audio for meeting #11 is having technical difficulties (actually I'm looking for a different hosting solution for audio), and I will get that fixed soon. When I do fix it, you should listen to the wonderful tour with Shawn Jadrnicek!

Enter to be featured farmer in regional cookbook series
Northeast Georgia Locally Grown is looking to feature local farmers in a seasonal cookbook series. This will be a year long project expected to be released to the public starting Fall of 2017. Please fill out this short form to be considered. Georgia Mountains Farmers Network adopted this year 'round farmers market as a way for farmers to sell directly to local customers on Wednesdays. It's pretty great because we collectively market your products and you harvest and drop off only what you've sold. Enter to be featured in the cookbook here:

2016 Farm Tour Report!
Below are the numbers for our public event: 2016 Georgia Mountains Farm Tour! We are thrilled by the great turnout, and thank you to everyone involved with the event and our sponsors. I will be sharing farmer and guest survey responses with those famers who participated, and look forward to hosting an incrementally better Farm Tour in the future. We plan to skip a year and resume this awesome public event in 2018. 

Thanks for your interest in a more robust and collaborative local food scene in Northeast Georgia!

Andrew Linker