Wednesday, December 14, 2016

GMFN meeting #14:

Monday, December 12, 2016
Chef Talk - Growing and selling for restaurants in NE GA

Listen to the audio:
minute   8:39 - Chef David on timing, best days to drop off, and payment for produce
minute 13:15 - Chef Chris on preferred communication, delivery, and payment
minute 20:00 - Lists of wanted produce and varieties
minute 27:28 - Size and presentation of produce
minute 31:14 - Sustainable relationships between chefs and farmers
minute 36:10 - Pricing and quality
minute 41:30 - Pricing and quality continued
minute 42:33 - Hydroponic - opinions from chefs
minute 44:04 - Fruits
minute 44:53 - Comment on production capacity and knowing there's a market
minute 48:36 - Proteins


Chris and Laura
Harvest Habersham, Clarkesville
Menu changes: daily
Send fresh list Monday or Tuesday (email or text) or post on Locally Grown
Preferred delivery: Tues 9am - Sat 3pm
Payment: on delivery
Produce looking for (not in any order):
brussel sprouts
english peas
sugar snap peas
broccoli, broccoli raab, rapini
cauliflower (mardi Gras)
fennel (bulbs)
beets (golden, candy cane)
red veined sorrel

David Darugh
Beechwood Inn, Clayton 
Menu changes: seasonally
Approx. capacity: 5lbs weekly
email fresh list or post on Locally Grown
Preferred delivery: Thursday or Friday
Payment: monthly (on delivery if necessary)
Produce looking for (not in any order):
shelled english peas
purple dragon beans
purple okra
yellow string beans
veronica cauliflower
miniature cucumbers
lemon cucumbers
carrots (extended season)
delicata squash

Joe Brown, Johnna Tuttle, Lloyd Summer 
Stovall house, Sautee
menu changes weekly

not able to attend:

Jamie Allred
Fortify, Pi Clayton
Menu changes: 6 times a year
email or text fresh list Sunday or Monday morning
Preferred delivery: Tuesday before noon (back door to kitchen)
Payment: on delivery
Produce looking for (not in any order):
ground cherries
brussels sprouts
field peas (shelled only, will pay extra)
sugar snap peas
romanesco broccoli, broccoli, cauliflower
rainbow carrots
winter supply of lettuce

Farmer resources/comments:
Steve Whiteman- start small (3 or 4) plants sometimes, have a wide variety, bring chefs samples!

Special thanks to:
Meeting hosts: Thanks to Chris and Laura at Harvest Habersham for being such an amazing addition to this community. 

Hot beverage sponsor for this meeting: Jumping Goat Coffee Roasters

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